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Welcome to the Most Beautiful Neighborhood in the US

What is often ranked as America’s most beautiful neighborhood is right in Boston: Beacon Hill. The elegant townhouses with their small courtyards and the real gaslamps on the streets are just a few of the things that make this neighborhood so memorable.

Just a few of the highlights include:

  • Beautiful blooms in the courtyards throughout the spring and summer
  • Stunning fall foliage
  • A fun neighborhood during trick or treating
  • Classy-looking Christmas decorations

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Best Family Restaurants in Gloucester, MA

Gloucester MA - welcome sign

Gloucester, Massachusetts is a great place to find family restaurants where you’ll be able to taste delicious Cape Ann seafood. In addition to the freshest fish of the day, you can easily find lobster and other shellfish. Gloucester’s family restaurants also have a number of dishes for those who aren’t fish or seafood fans. Below are some of the best options for local family restaurants.

Causeway Restaurant

78 Essex Ave. (978) 281-5256

The Causeway offers fresh seafood in generous portions. The prices are very reasonable for what you’ll get. Many guests will find that they have plenty of food to take home after finishing their meal. The waitstaff is friendly, and usually offers fast service, even during very busy times. Some of the best-known dishes include fish chowder, lobster pie, and shrimp and scallops over pasta. If you prefer not to eat fish, the roast beef is also recommended. This restaurant is fairly small, so you’ll want to arrive early.

Captain Carlo’s Restaurant

27 Harbor Loop (978) 283-6342

This restaurant offers a nice view of the harbor while you’re dining. Outdoor seating is offered when the weather is good. The waitstaff is very friendly and helpful to the guests. A number of appetizers are available that include calamari and oysters on the half shell. The portions are known for being very generous, with the fried fish in a light, tasty better being especially popular.

Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant

86 Main St. (978) 283-8228

This popular restaurant offers authentic Mexican food in a casual setting. Each dish is prepared with care, and a variety of drinks are offered to go with your meal. The chips and salsa are made fresh for guests. The fajitas and burritos are some of the most popular offerings. A handmade cheese sauce is used on many of the dishes. The margaritas are considered to be a worthy addition to any meal.



5 Tips for Sorting Laundry Like a Pro When Traveling

Doing laundry isn’t a big deal, even if you’re traveling and using the hotel laundry room or a laundromat, but you want to make sure that all of your laundry is properly sorted. Using easy laundry sorting tips will help ensure your loads come out nicely every time and help you avoid common mistakes.

Because many self-catering options feature a washer and dryer, you might not have to spend time running out to a laundromat. However, if you do have to use communal facilities, your laundry days will be much easier when you follow these tips.

  • Sorting by color is very common, to eliminate problems that arise from colors bleeding. Whites should always be laundered separately.
  • Laundry in colors should be sorted according to pastels, medium colors, and light prints.
  • Sorting by temperature is also helpful, because heavily soiled fabrics require different treatment from fabrics with less soiling.
  • It is also good to separate some types of fabric, as there are some materials that shed.
  • Always remove tissues or pieces of paper from your pockets before putting your clothes in the wash. (The laudromat staff and other customers will be very grateful for the last two tips being followed!)

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The Benefits of New England Construction Management

Construction management helps ensure that construction projects of any scope or size are completed to satisfaction. This is one of the most lucrative careers across New England, especially in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Local economy boosts due to increased high-tech company presence and growing job markets in major cities have kept the demand for construction managers at high levels.

There are several skills that are essential in construction managers, including:

  • Making important decisions about projects
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Knowing the role that local, provincial and federal legislation plays in construction
  • Being a team leader and managing all aspects of the project

Decision Making is Key

One of the reasons why experienced construction managers are needed is because of their ability to make crucial decisions. While building owners will, of course, have a lot of ideas, workers in the construction industry will know how to put them into practice.

Choosing a construction management professional is a good way to ensure that every phase of the project goes smoothly. If you choose a well-qualified construction manager for a project of any scope, you will be much happier with the results. The more thought out a project is, the more it will benefit everyone in the long run.

Planning and Scheduling

Construction managers have the training that is required to make sure that each phase of the project is properly planned. While construction doesn’t have to be difficult to undertake, there are things that can go wrong through poor planning.

A qualified construction manager will ensure that everything is done on schedule and within budget. They understand how to put best practices in time management to use. There is never a need to worry about mistakes happening because the job is needlessly rushed through. This ensures more satisfactory results and a better long-term relationship.

The Role of Legislation

Another major advantage of a construction manager is the fact that these professionals are well-versed in the relevant laws. Nobody wants to run afoul of their city government because one part of the city code was overlooked. Just some of the code issues to consider include:

  • Verifying the location of any buried gas, water or electrical lines before digging
  • Understanding any land use restrictions, including restrictions imposed for environmental reasons
  • Safety regulations, particularly in larger cities

Team Leadership

Good leadership skills are essential for construction managers. Depending on the size of the project, there may be several teams involved. Some construction workers are qualified to perform certain types of work, while others specialize in other areas.

The choice of a construction manager will impact the quality of the project, and the amount of time it is completed in. Making sure that the right management and team are put to work makes all the difference in the world.

Is Your New England Business Ready for Employees?

Many small New England businesses can benefit from hiring employees to take on some of your tasks. If you’re lucky, you might be able to choose a potential business partner when hiring your employees. However, the right choice matters in making sure that your business will succeed.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Learn about the distinctions between contractors and employees before deciding what you want your employees to do. Having employees requires some responsibilities, such as paying for health, unemployment, and worker’s comp insurance. Consult with an employment lawyer to learn how to make the distinction between contractors and employees.
  • Make sure your expectations are clear, especially if your business is related to tourism or hospitality. Jobs in these professions are in high demand, with probable applicants of every imaginable skill level. You’re more likely to attract the best applicants if prospective employees know what you want them to do.
  • Take advantage of the large pool of college-educated talent in the region. With large college/university systems like UMass and SNHU, you’ll find a lot of college graduates with an open mind towards work. Depending on the type of business you have, you might be able to provide an internship for a promosing student.

Making smart choices will put you within easier reach of getting the best employee for your needs.

MA’s Long Brewing History

Bay State Brewery, Jones, Johnson & Co., Boston

Boston In the Know recently reported that 3 new breweries will open before the end of summer. This the the latest in a long tradition that stretches back to the earliest days of the state’s history. Here are some interesting tidbits about bewing in Massachusetts:

  • The Pilgrims were reported to have had beer with them on their arrival at Plymouth – makes that whole first Thanksgiving meal seem more modern, doesn’t it?
  • Puritans got in the publick house licensing business in 1634, and in 1651, started requiring all malt to be of good quality (thanks guys!)
  • Women during the 1700’s played a big role in producing beer, proof that Girl Power rules
  • Boston alone had 27 breweries by 1890, so if you’ve wondered why we have so many pubs, there’s part of your answer
  • Things look good for continued growth in the brewing department, so stay tuned!

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4 Things to Avoid While Camping with Kids in New England

A298, Waterfall, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont, USA, 2010

Camping in New England is always fun, especially when you head to treasures like Acadia National Park, Green Mountain National Forest, and White Mountain National Forest. However, when you take the kids, a few extra steps will make everything easier.

  1. Don’t Rely Only on Your Tent – A central shelter besides a tent will help keep everyone comfortable and happy. Tarp setups and shelters can work very well for meals and other gatherings. Keeping your gathering areas separate from sleeping areas will help keep everyone happier.
  2. Never Forget Craft Kits or Toys – Toys or crafts that relate in some way to your camping trip will help kids stay happy and focused, especially if they involve activities you don’t usually do at home. Fun examples include toy boats or crafts that involve fall leaves.
  3. Don’t Underestimate Your Cooking Needs – Cooking out when camping is fun and allows you to get creative, but just requires a little extra preparation. Make sure you include a folding table, camping stove, and cutting boards. Kids will enjoy learning how to prepare food in this setting.
  4. Never Forget to Learn About Local History – Some of the best history lessons don’t come from school, but from experiencing history hands-on. New England is a treasure trove of history from native cultures to diverse groups of immigrants that have settled in the region. Interacting with locals who are descendants of these immigrants can be exciting for kids.

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What Are Some Reasons to Live in Shirley, MA?


Shirley real estate offers residents the chance to live an ideal New England lifestyle. This town enjoys a location close to southern New Hampshire, and is also 50 miles from Boston, offering lots of great things to do. If you’re in the market for a community that makes you want to get involved,  as well as offer a quiet alternative to the bigger cities, this little town is just what you need.

There are many lovely home styles to choose from, including Georgian and Colonial, as well as modern styles. Besides single-family homes, there are many older homes that have been made into apartments or condos. Commuters and others who use the rail system will appreciate the easy walking distance to town. There are enough home styles perfect for households of all sizes.

Apartments and condos that were originally houses offer some unique features distinct from many modern complexes. Many of these units have washer and dryer connections that will save you time. Features like built-in shelving are also helpful for home office or hobbyist use.

Shirley is famous for having hosted Pleasant Garden, one of the more important Shaker sites. The Old Meetinghouse is used for a wide range of activities today. Several of the buildings in downtown are historic, with their original features. everything from fitness activities to outdoor recreation like hunting and fishing are found here.

Families with children in public school will have their children attending Ayer schools. This school system has a high satisfaction rate. Families will enjoy the safe environment, diverse housing choices, and access to good schools.

Shirley Village offers convenient commuter rail access. The cities and towns within the Merrimack Valley are minutes away, and Route 2 makes it easy to access all of the Nashoba Valley. Commuters will love coming home to a quiet small town.

Because the town sees a lot of tourist traffic, business owners stand a great chance of success. The environment is friendly to a variety of business types. You’ll be amazed at the vibrancy of the business community in this small town.

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Partnering Up With Charities

If you own a local business, teaming up with charities or crowdfunding efforts is a good way to help benefit the community. You may gain some new, steady customers while playing a role in helping those in need.

A few examples of charitable causes common to New England businesses include:

  • Pet rescue, especially organizations that save animals from overcrowded municipal pounds
  • Children’s charities, including those that support children battling an illness
  • Hunger relief, particularly in larger cities with poor economies

There are many different ways businesses can help support such efforts. One is by donating a portion of their proceeds to a designated group or cause.

If you own a venue or some other type of business with meeting spaces, consider offering space for a fundraiser. Common venue-based fundraisers include:

  • Indoor yard sales
  • Concerts or shows
  • Craft fairs

Sponsorship of charitable events is also a possibility. When a charity hosts an event that requires sponsors, some of the possibilities for sponsorship include:

  • TV or radio spots
  • Jumpers/inflatables for kids
  • Drink or bar stations
  • Popcorn, burger, or hot dog stations

Teaming up for charitable events is good for your business and your neighbors. Contact True New England for more information on promotional options for your company.




Is New England in Your Budget?

Many people across the country have fallen in love with this region, or have been away and want to return. However, are the New England states generally unaffordable for people who have lived in less expensive areas?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Many areas within the region have reasonably-priced (think under $150K) real estate
  • Some tax offices allow installment payments, making it easier to pay off a bigger bill
  • A lot of municipalities in New England have zoning laws that are tiny house-friendly
  • Because many of the key attractions are within easy driving distance of most locations, you won’t have as many travel expenses involved with getting out and doing fun things
  • The jobs available often feature higher pay, making it easy to advance

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