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5 Tips for Sorting Laundry Like a Pro When Traveling

Doing laundry isn’t a big deal, even if you’re traveling and using the hotel laundry room or a laundromat, but you want to make sure that all of your laundry is properly sorted. Using easy laundry sorting tips will help ensure your loads come out nicely every time and help you avoid common mistakes.

Because many self-catering options feature a washer and dryer, you might not have to spend time running out to a laundromat. However, if you do have to use communal facilities, your laundry days will be much easier when you follow these tips.

  • Sorting by color is very common, to eliminate problems that arise from colors bleeding. Whites should always be laundered separately.
  • Laundry in colors should be sorted according to pastels, medium colors, and light prints.
  • Sorting by temperature is also helpful, because heavily soiled fabrics require different treatment from fabrics with less soiling.
  • It is also good to separate some types of fabric, as there are some materials that shed.
  • Always remove tissues or pieces of paper from your pockets before putting your clothes in the wash. (The laudromat staff and other customers will be very grateful for the last two tips being followed!)

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That Little-Known Market: Exiles

If you’re a real estate agent or offer relocation services, you might not have thought of one market that is very important: New Englanders in exile. Many people live in other parts of the country and have found that the grass isn’t greener.

Marketing to New Englanders in other states presents a challenge because it’s often hard to move back. Some of the factors at work include:

  • A lower cost of living in their current state of residence (many Southern and Midwestern states)
  • Vastly different job markets that may not have Northeastern counterparts (oil and gas)
  • Higher wages in some professions (such as nursing)

However, you might be able to convince people in these situations to reconsider moving back with a few points:

  • A lower cost of living doesn’t necessarily mean a better standard of living – many “cheap” places lack meaningful cultural or other pursuits
  • Some niche industries may provide skills that translate well to other industries
  • New England has enough schools that you can train for a new job easily

The time for people to return may be closer than they think!