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Best Family Restaurants in Gloucester, MA

Gloucester MA - welcome sign

Gloucester, Massachusetts is a great place to find family restaurants where you’ll be able to taste delicious Cape Ann seafood. In addition to the freshest fish of the day, you can easily find lobster and other shellfish. Gloucester’s family restaurants also have a number of dishes for those who aren’t fish or seafood fans. Below are some of the best options for local family restaurants.

Causeway Restaurant

78 Essex Ave. (978) 281-5256

The Causeway offers fresh seafood in generous portions. The prices are very reasonable for what you’ll get. Many guests will find that they have plenty of food to take home after finishing their meal. The waitstaff is friendly, and usually offers fast service, even during very busy times. Some of the best-known dishes include fish chowder, lobster pie, and shrimp and scallops over pasta. If you prefer not to eat fish, the roast beef is also recommended. This restaurant is fairly small, so you’ll want to arrive early.

Captain Carlo’s Restaurant

27 Harbor Loop (978) 283-6342

This restaurant offers a nice view of the harbor while you’re dining. Outdoor seating is offered when the weather is good. The waitstaff is very friendly and helpful to the guests. A number of appetizers are available that include calamari and oysters on the half shell. The portions are known for being very generous, with the fried fish in a light, tasty better being especially popular.

Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant

86 Main St. (978) 283-8228

This popular restaurant offers authentic Mexican food in a casual setting. Each dish is prepared with care, and a variety of drinks are offered to go with your meal. The chips and salsa are made fresh for guests. The fajitas and burritos are some of the most popular offerings. A handmade cheese sauce is used on many of the dishes. The margaritas are considered to be a worthy addition to any meal.



Enjoying the Best Seafood for Lent

Lent has arrived, a bit earlier than usual this year. For many New Englanders, this means eating fish instead of meat on at least some days during the season. How do you keep your fast while eating foods you’ll enjoy during the season?

  • Make a fish and chips dinner using cod, that favorite New England classic. It’s a versatile fish that has a lot of possibilities for entree options in place of meat.
  • Clam chowder is a great meat-free option that will keep you filled on a chilly day. As an alternative, consider Rhode Island-style chowder made with clear broth
  • Shrimp scampi is always a good choice, and easy to make without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s certain to be a major favorite at dinner.

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