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What Are Some Reasons to Live in Shirley, MA?


Shirley real estate offers residents the chance to live an ideal New England lifestyle. This town enjoys a location close to southern New Hampshire, and is also 50 miles from Boston, offering lots of great things to do. If you’re in the market for a community that makes you want to get involved,  as well as offer a quiet alternative to the bigger cities, this little town is just what you need.

There are many lovely home styles to choose from, including Georgian and Colonial, as well as modern styles. Besides single-family homes, there are many older homes that have been made into apartments or condos. Commuters and others who use the rail system will appreciate the easy walking distance to town. There are enough home styles perfect for households of all sizes.

Apartments and condos that were originally houses offer some unique features distinct from many modern complexes. Many of these units have washer and dryer connections that will save you time. Features like built-in shelving are also helpful for home office or hobbyist use.

Shirley is famous for having hosted Pleasant Garden, one of the more important Shaker sites. The Old Meetinghouse is used for a wide range of activities today. Several of the buildings in downtown are historic, with their original features. everything from fitness activities to outdoor recreation like hunting and fishing are found here.

Families with children in public school will have their children attending Ayer schools. This school system has a high satisfaction rate. Families will enjoy the safe environment, diverse housing choices, and access to good schools.

Shirley Village offers convenient commuter rail access. The cities and towns within the Merrimack Valley are minutes away, and Route 2 makes it easy to access all of the Nashoba Valley. Commuters will love coming home to a quiet small town.

Because the town sees a lot of tourist traffic, business owners stand a great chance of success. The environment is friendly to a variety of business types. You’ll be amazed at the vibrancy of the business community in this small town.

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Is New England in Your Budget?

Many people across the country have fallen in love with this region, or have been away and want to return. However, are the New England states generally unaffordable for people who have lived in less expensive areas?

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Many areas within the region have reasonably-priced (think under $150K) real estate
  • Some tax offices allow installment payments, making it easier to pay off a bigger bill
  • A lot of municipalities in New England have zoning laws that are tiny house-friendly
  • Because many of the key attractions are within easy driving distance of most locations, you won’t have as many travel expenses involved with getting out and doing fun things
  • The jobs available often feature higher pay, making it easy to advance

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A Region Ripe for Second Chances

Many people find themselves stuck in the wrong job or owner of a quickly failing business. Sometimes “stuff” happens, like an economic downturn in a specific industry. Could a move to one of the New England states be a smart choice under adversity?

Here are some URLs you mind find interesting to help you decide if moving to New England should be part of your “exit plan” (please note that we are not responsible for and do not necessarily endorse content of external sites):

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Your Checklist for Moving to New England (Physical Items, At One Month Before)

Moving to New England, whether you’ve recently fallen in love with this region or returning home from “exile”, is an exciting move to make. However, you’ll want to make sure your move is as orderly as possible.

  • Start clearing out everything you don’t need a month before your move, or even further in advance
  • Host a garage sale for items you could get money for or donate them to a secondhand store or charitable group
  • You will want to carefully consider whether you want to keep your current appliances or buy new ones after your move
  • Use as many of your canned goods up as you can, as well as your frozen and fresh foods
  • If you have plants, consider which ones you want to move and which you might give away
  • Have a full list of the items that you intend to move

Stay tuned for our next installment on service and other arrangements that you will need to make a month ahead of your move.