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Getting Around New Haven with a Rental Car

If you’ve ever wondered whether a rental car is a good way to get around New Haven, CT, you’ll be pleased to know that this option is excellent for your travels plans.

The coastal location makes New Haven an ideal location for people coming from other areas of New England, as well as the Big Apple. In addition to boasting several historical attractions, the city’s multicultural focus gives it a lot of exciting ethnic restaurants.

Some of the tasty types of ethnic cuisine that await include:

  • Ethiopian
  • Eritrean
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Malaysian
  • Spanish
  • Mexican
  • French

Having access to a car is also an easy way to see the best attractions, including:

  • The Pardee Morris House
  • The Peabody Museum of Natural History
  • Yale University
  • Long Wharf Theater

New Haven, like so much of New England, boasts fall foliage unlike any other.  A nice thing about visiting this area is having access to this beautiful foliage without having to venture far from the city. Here are some examples of parks to visit with many great features:

  • Sleeping Giant State Park, East Rock Park, West Rock State Park – All of these parks have biking and hiking trails
  • Fort Nathan Hale Park – A great historic park with a fort and nature trail where you can also see the Betsy Ross flag
  • Lighthouse Point Park – See the carousel, enjoy shoreline views, and get your wildlife fix

With all of these great attractions to choose from, you won’t want to miss out. Visit True New England for all the resources you need for your next trip.

Your Dream Destination Wedding in New England

Many couples enjoy destination weddings in New England, especially at historic inns and other locations. Many of the best wedding spots are also in places ideal for your honeymoon. Some of the popular locations include:

  • The Lakes Region and Meredith, NH
  • Kennebunkport, ME
  • Woodstock or Stowe, VT
  • Lenox, MA, Boston or Nantucket
  • Mystic, CT
  • Block Island, Rhode Island

Bridal consultants in the New England area can make all of the planning much easier. Among other things, a consultant can make sure your desired venue is free and help connect you with an officiant. Consultants help take a lot of the stress out of issues like getting your license, so you have more time to just take it easy.

Themed weddings are a lot of fun, particulary historical-themed weddings, autumn-themed weddings, and winter weddings. If you have the chance to hold an outdoor wedding, you and your guests will experience New England in all its splendor. Your special day will be one to remember.

A destination wedding may be more affordable than you think. Local musicians are often very happy to provide beautiful music. A reception in one of the historic inns is very suitable for a more intimate party. Local hotels or inns often provide special deals where a couple can enjoy an economical but fun honeymoon.

What to Do If Weather Destroys Your Foliage Trip

Vermont fall foliage hogback mountain


It’s the moment every fall foliage lover in New England dreads – what happens if the area you want to visit gets a lot of rainy, windy weather or late hot and dry weather? Could it ruin your planned trip and will you need to consider alternatives?

Firstly – don’t panic! It’s very likely that your intended destination survived the weather largely unscathed. Use foliage maps to find out which areas have the color you’re looking for.

Plan some alternate locations that don’t involve straying far from your original route. Some good places to go may not be very far from where you originally intended to take your trip. Foliage updates can be very useful in helping you select alternate locations, when necessary.

Find unique locations near the area you’re touring that may offer fall attractions or events. Examples include:

  • Haunted houses, hayrides, and other Halloween attractions
  • Farms with pumpkin patches or apple cider stands
  • Scenic drives through natural areas
  • Historic villages with authentic activities and reenactors
  • Craft fairs that could give you a head start on holiday shopping

Reasons to Visit New England (Buzzfeed)

JTA New England Map


Check out this recent article on 27 Reasons You Should Definitely Visit New England, courtesy of BuzzFeed

There are so many reasons and more why this article is right on target – New England is a fantastic place to visit, and an even better place to live in. Your hostess is hoping that the latter may be a reality in her life again at some point not too far in the future – all prayers, good thoughts, energy and positive vibes appreciated 🙂

That being said, there really is a lot to see in the region in general, and that’s before you even get into the individual states, regions within the states, and cities/towns. The next time you’re thinking of a place to visit, you’ll want to keep New England on your list.

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