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8 Reasons Why We Rock!

You’ve no doubt seen that meme on Facebook about New England girls. Seeing as how Yours Truly falls into that category, here’s my version:

  1. We’re sassy, and tough, too – don’t ever forget it!
  2. The cold, and weatha’ in general never, ever fazed us – if it bugs you, check out the Texas snowbird scene 🙂
  3. Those who do like to cook aren’t afraid to try new stuff
  4. We don’t hold back – don’t want an opinion, don’t ask us!
  5. Yeah, we can be the life of the pahty, but find many ways TO pahty
  6. Our sports teams are the best in the universe – the rest of you can keep the New York teams 🙂
  7. Where else can you heah accents like ours? Really?
  8. We know what wicked awesome means – really know

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