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MA’s Long Brewing History

Bay State Brewery, Jones, Johnson & Co., Boston

Boston In the Know recently reported that 3 new breweries will open before the end of summer. This the the latest in a long tradition that stretches back to the earliest days of the state’s history. Here are some interesting tidbits about bewing in Massachusetts:

  • The Pilgrims were reported to have had beer with them on their arrival at Plymouth – makes that whole first Thanksgiving meal seem more modern, doesn’t it?
  • Puritans got in the publick house licensing business in 1634, and in 1651, started requiring all malt to be of good quality (thanks guys!)
  • Women during the 1700’s played a big role in producing beer, proof that Girl Power rules
  • Boston alone had 27 breweries by 1890, so if you’ve wondered why we have so many pubs, there’s part of your answer
  • Things look good for continued growth in the brewing department, so stay tuned!

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