A Museum with a World of Wonders

The Museum of Science is one of Boston’s best attractions. It contains a number of fun exhibits that have entertained visitors for many years. Students of all grade levels visit the museum to learn more about science and technology. Member tickets are available for frequent visitors, and hotel packages are also offered through MOS’ website. A number of great exhibits offer something for every type of interest.


Many fun exhibits are featured at the museum. A few of the permanent exhibits are listed. A Bird’s World provides a tour of Acadia National Park, complete with authentic bird sounds. You’ll also find a New England Habitats exhibit that provides a good look at New England wildlife. The Bees exhibit features a real beehive where you can watch bees at work. The Butterfly Garden features free-flying butterflies in an enclosed setting with tropical plants.The Discovery Center provides hands-on activities for children up to age eight. Mathematica incorporates all aspects of math in an entertaining exhibit. To the Moon celebrates the space program, while Sun Power demonstrates how solar energy works.

The Charles Hayden Planetarium

The Planetarium has long been a favorite attraction at the museum. Friday night stargazing events are held on a seasonal basis. The Planetarium offers an ideal setting for seeing your favorite stars and constellations. Regular shows are run that offer fascinating glimpses into events in our universe. A show scheduled during January 2011 focused on cosmic collisions, while a show scheduled for February 2011 features the search for life beyond our solar system.

Mugar OMNI Theater

The OMNI Theater features a five-story IMAX screen. The theater’s sound system uses the latest digital technology. The movies reflect a variety of subjects, including nature. Film subjects during January 2011 included Australia, roller coasters, tornadoes and whales. Free shows are offered on Fridays through MathWorks.

3-D Digital Cinema

The cinema allows museum guests to experience 3D using more updated technology than many movie theaters offer. The projection system uses polarized light for a better, clearer picture. Some of the subjects of films show in the cinema have included bugs, dinosaurs and sharks.


The simulator exhibit allows guests to enjoy fun experiences. The ride is full-motion, allowing you to easily feel like you’re actively involved in the scenario that you’re simulating. A variety of different films are run each day, with rides lasting about 5 minutes. Some of the simulator experiences include a submarine ride and a ride on the International Space Station.