Good Reasons to Set Up a Business in New Hampshire

When many people think of starting a business in New Hampshire or relocating an existing business, they are sometimes deterred by concerns about:

  • Taxation
  • The cost of living
  • Whether their business could be impacted by winter weather

However, there are several good reasons why these are not as much of an issue as some might think:

  • New Hampshire has no earned income taxes and a 5 percent capital gain tax, allowing business owners to keep more of their income
  • Many individual cities have foreclosures, as well as condos, mobile homes and other affordable options. Homes in New Hampshire are often suitable for alternative energy sources.
  • New Hampshire has some snowy winters, yet this winter weather drives a lot of tourism. If you’re in an area that attracts skiers, your business will probably do just as well in the winter as it would in the summer.

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Holiday Craft Fair Fun

There’s no better way to get a head start on the Christmas shopping season than going to holiday craft fairs. You’ll enjoy the fun family atmosphere and be able to buy some unique gifts for your family. Here are some great fairs to check out:

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Where Will You Ski This Winter?

One thing you can count on about living in New England is that there is no shortage of places to ski. New Hampshire’s Gunstock, Vermon’s Stratton Mountain and Massachusetts’ Ski Bradford are just a few examples of great choices. How do you decide?

  • Your location plays a role, especially if job constraints don’t allow you to take a lot of time away for a ski trip. Unexpected bad weather can result in travel delays, so plan accordingly.
  • If you’re into cross-country skiing, many parks around New England have ski trails. Make sure you know if a trail is designed with skiers in mind.
  • Consider whether the resort has trails for beginners or not. If you’re skiing with kids or newcomers to skiing, it will be easier if beginner trails are offered.
  • When you’re staying overnight, consider what’s close by. You might be abl to make your ski trip into a fun mini-vacation.