Your Checklist for Moving to New England (Physical Items, At One Month Before)

Moving to New England, whether you’ve recently fallen in love with this region or returning home from “exile”, is an exciting move to make. However, you’ll want to make sure your move is as orderly as possible.

  • Start clearing out everything you don’t need a month before your move, or even further in advance
  • Host a garage sale for items you could get money forĀ or donate them to a secondhand store or charitable group
  • You will want to carefully consider whether you want to keep your current appliances or buy new ones after your move
  • Use as many of your canned goods up as you can, as well as your frozen and fresh foods
  • If you have plants, consider which ones you want to move and which you might give away
  • Have a full list of the items that you intend to move

Stay tuned for our next installment on service and other arrangements that you will need to make a month ahead of your move.