That Little-Known Market: Exiles

If you’re a real estate agent or offer relocation services, you might not have thought of one market that is very important: New Englanders in exile. Many people live in other parts of the country and have found that the grass isn’t greener.

Marketing to New Englanders in other states presents a challenge because it’s often hard to move back. Some of the factors at work include:

  • A lower cost of living in their current state of residence (many Southern and Midwestern states)
  • Vastly different job markets that may not have Northeastern counterparts (oil and gas)
  • Higher wages in some professions (such as nursing)

However, you might be able to convince people in these situations to reconsider moving back with a few points:

  • A lower cost of living doesn’t necessarily mean a better standard of living – many “cheap” places lack meaningful cultural or other pursuits
  • Some niche industries may provide skills that translate well to other industries
  • New England has enough schools that you can train for a new job easily

The time for people to return may be closer than they think!