All About the “Irish Riviera”

Note: this is a reprint of an article I originally published on The Celtic Directory

An article that appeared on Irish Central highlighted the most Irish town in the US and the larger area that it belongs to. This area, known as the “Irish Riviera”, includes the town of Scituate, MA and the South Shore area.

Many Irish-Americans live in Boston neighborhoods like Hyde Park and Dorchester. The South Shore has long held a major attraction for the Irish-American residents of these areas, because of the beaches that are so close to Boston.

In the years after World War II and leading straight through the 60’s, many of these families relocated to the South Shore. There are many great reasons to consider the benefits of life on the South Shore:

  • There are events galore, not just for the Celtic community, but for people with all sorts of interests
  • Can we say water sports?
  • If you’re into staying fit, this is one of the best areas, complete with hiking trails and sponsored runs
  • The area is both horse and dog-friendly
  • The trip to Boston is short if you need some shopping therapy or a change of scenery
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Giving New England Goodies As Gifts

There’s still plenty of time to shop for Christmas, and gifts unique to the New England region are great choices to keep in mind. No matter whether your recipient is in the area, living in another area and missing NE, or unfamiliar with the area, New England goodies might be just what you need.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Soup and spoon mixes featuring regional favorites like clasm chowder or rissotto
  • Maple sugar candies (if you’ve never had these, you’re missing out!)
  • Gift baskets featuring favorite local foods and wines from the region
  • Lobster rope baskets (consider filling them with favorite foods, throw blankets, or stuffed animals)
  • Hand-blown glass items, including vases or dinnerware
  • Bowls from sugar maples and other native trees
  • Specialty jams and jellies, especially with Maine blueberries

With all of these great choices, you don’t need to worry about whether your recipients will have to settle for souvenir items if they want New England gifts. Visit True New England to learn about local merchants.