Partnering Up With Charities

If you own a local business, teaming up with charities or crowdfunding efforts is a good way to help benefit the community. You may gain some new, steady customers while playing a role in helping those in need.

A few examples of charitable causes common to New England businesses include:

  • Pet rescue, especially organizations that save animals from overcrowded municipal pounds
  • Children’s charities, including those that support children battling an illness
  • Hunger relief, particularly in larger cities with poor economies

There are many different ways businesses can help support such efforts. One is by donating a portion of their proceeds to a designated group or cause.

If you own a venue or some other type of business with meeting spaces, consider offering space for a fundraiser. Common venue-based fundraisers include:

  • Indoor yard sales
  • Concerts or shows
  • Craft fairs

Sponsorship of charitable events is also a possibility. When a charity hosts an event that requires sponsors, some of the possibilities for sponsorship include:

  • TV or radio spots
  • Jumpers/inflatables for kids
  • Drink or bar stations
  • Popcorn, burger, or hot dog stations

Teaming up for charitable events is good for your business and your neighbors. Contact True New England for more information on promotional options for your company.