New England Trading Post Page Ads

Eglise Cranberry Island

Eglise Cranberry Island

If you are the owner of a New England business, we offer premium trading post page ads. This is a good way to help drive traffic to your existing website, Facebook page or other profile.

We do have a few simple rules, such as: no “adult content”, no hate speech or products generally associated with hate groups and no affiliate links (in other words, the business must actually be yours. If you have a website that derives its income from appropriate advertiser links, that’s okay. However, standalone affiliate links are not permitted).

  • A basic profile page with a picture you provide (your company name, including DBA, years in business, a description of your offerings and your own personal message, updated as needed)
    • A link back to your site and social media profiles (No website yet? No problem, we have a web designer that we work with).
    • List of tour dates or special promotions
    • Twitter and Facebook updates on our profiles when your information is updated
    • Videos or samples of your songs
    • We provide a form that makes it easy for you to submit this information to us
    • Optional articles (see fees below)

$25 setup fee for all profiles, $5 for each basic update

Additional pages $15 each

Articles Posted to Our Blog to Promote Your Business (All Include Facebook and Twitter Mentions)

150-200 words $10.00 each

250-300 words $15.00 each

350-400 words $20.00 each

Press Release (400 words) $20 each (includes releases to popular PR sites)

450-500 words $25.00 each

550-600 words $30.00 each

650-700 words $35.00 each

750-800 words $40.00 each

850-900 words $45.00 each

950-1000 words $50.00 each

Tweets and Facebook updates for you to post $2.00 each

About Us and Services info for you to post on your Facebook page $10 each

Order articles in batches of 10 or more for a discount

Business owners may purchase article services with or without trading post ads.

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